ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

ERP can significantly improve efficiency of human resource, strategic alignment and finance management. Therefore, it is almost impossible for them to manage business in a profitable way without taking the help of an integrated system. ERP software solutions of these days are totally customized and cover everything needed to run any organization no matter the company is small, medium or full-fledged firm. It comprises system initiating from employee inside a gate to the end products for clients.

Prime features of ERP are as follows:

  • ERP software solutions help to the company manage master lists of all vendors and customers.
  • Strong financial administration is a prime component of ERP solutions.
  • Human Resource Management- Now ERP software related with Human Resource are not only restricted to employee administration and few legal reporting, but their boundaries have been extended.
  • Supply Chain Management- In today’s highly competitive world, there is a need of effective tool for managing supply and manufacturing. ERP looks after entire phases whether it is design or requirement fulfillment.
  • Customer Relationship Management- Since customers are valuable assets for any organization, strong customer relationship management is necessary. ERP software manages CRM very tactfully in a proper flow.
  • Third-Party Interoperability- Some ERP packages also offer customization tasks and interoperability features. Choosing right ERP software can give solution to all your problems.
  • ERP support data management in a centralized way and it must ensure security by employing permissions feature such that users can access them whenever required.

ERP software offers the following certain modules

  • Finance module: All financial activities of the organization are recorded by the finance modules. It is used on regular basis by companies for recording transactions.
  • Inventory Management Module: It facilitates gathering of data of inventory department such as delivering goods, classifying materials, rejections by suppliers etc.
  • Manufacturing module: This is related to recording of data of the manufacturing department.
  • Marketing Module: Marketing module is solely responsible for marketing-related tasks.
  • Sales Module: This module is used for recording information related to the department of sales. Data which are recorded within this module are order shipping, sales returns, sales orders, order shipping etc.
  • Purchase Module: Purchase module is related with production planning and inventory control tasks.